SAUSF Affiliation

The South African Underwater Sports Federation (SAUSF) is the official CMAS (World Underwater Federation) representative in the Republic of South Africa.

SAUSF is affiliated to the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC).

SAUSF Members

The SAUSFexists to provide governance and long term sustainability as the governing body of all underwater sports in South Africa.

Their mission is to filter this governance and sustainability to all underwater sports affiliated to the federation. To broaden the participation of underwater sport disciplines in SA. This growth in participation, through the rekindling of old athletes and patrons of the sports. The introduction of underwater sports to a wide scope of potential athletes’ from primary school through high school and university.  Growth with the development and transformation of the less fortunate communities to be our primary focus.

The list of stakeholders in the underwater sport federation: