SA Underwater Hockey Federation (SAUWHF)

The South African Underwater Hockey Federation (SAUWHF) is a voluntary body responsible for the pursuance of all physical sporting matters related to underwater hockey.

South Africa participated in its first Underwater Hockey World Championship in New Zealand in 1992, finishing with a first and third place. In 1994 SA had three teams in the finals, walking away with a gold and two silver medals. Of the 11 International events participated in, the ladies Elite team has achieved a medal position 9 times.
South Africa underwater hockey has always performed exceptionally well on the international circuit with our Masters & Elite teams internationally recognised for their agility and competitiveness.

In the early 1950’s already Underwater Hockey (UWH) took off as a new sport in South Africa. South African Underwater hockey was born out of the desire for spearfishermen to keep fit when away from the sea or when sea conditions were undivable. It was an auspicious move as the two sports complement each other with more than just fins and water: Spearfishing provides UWH players with endurance and bottom-time while UWH improves the work rate and surface recovery of spearfishermen.

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  • Gold & Silver for Under 19 men & under 19 ladies at Worlds 2011
  • South African National Elite Ladies Team - Worlds 2011
  • South African National Elite Men Team - Worlds 2011